XIMEGS is a one-man-company and stands for Excellence in Innovations, Market Entry and Growth Strategy. I help corporates from the payments, banking and telecommunications sector to reach excellence through delivering market data, executing business-related analyses, and developing strategic approaches as basis for growth. I am focussed on a very lean working modus: I only show onsite presence for scoping, reviews and final presentations. Everything else will be developed remotely. This ensures that you receive results in short time and in highest quality while avoiding unnecessary efforts for your team.

XIMEGS is a company founded and run by Göksen Iyiköy. I have worked for over six years with one of the top consulting firms in Germany’s payments industry. During my projects in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Poland and Slovakia I have delivered 30+ projects to banks, card schemes, online schemes, payment service providers and MNOs. My major focus during this time was strategy development and new business development including business modelling. Furthermore, I have gained expert knowledge in business-related question regarding digital and mobile payment methods.




Everybody is still talking about mobile payments and e-commerce, just to name two of the hot topics currently. XIMEGS delivers valuable knowledge to create successful strategies by understanding customer demands, evaluating profitable business models and finding strategies to outpace competitors with innovative products and services.

Market Entry

You have developed a product or service to be introduced to the market? Or you are still inside of a development process? XIMEGS will support you in both situations, with analyses to identify key success factors and to define target groups, product features, sales strategies and pricing models.

Growth Strategy

It is necessary to have a clear understanding of market requirements before entering a sustainable growth path. XIMEGS will provide you with necessary data and analyses at any stage of your growth strategy: no matter if you need someone to identify new opportunities or evaluate existing approaches.



Just an excerpt of my project work experience:


  • Identification and evaluation of key future innovations trends in Eastern Europe’s payment markets
  • Analysis of key success factors of mobile payment solutions in Germany
  • Best practice study: 30 mobile payment solutions worldwide evaluated
  • Evaluation of growth opportunities in e-commerce for a German payment player

Market Entry

  • Market entry strategy for an MNO to introduce a mobile payment solution in several European countries
  • Marketing/sales strategy for a new service offered by a multi-national acquirer
  • Market entry strategy of a special-interest entertainment payment product in Germany

Growth Strategy

  • Deep-dive study: Growth opportunities in the German-speaking payments market
  • Identification of niches to find new revenue streams in several Eastern European payments markets
  • Growth strategy for payment services in German e-commerce market


Please contact me directly with any request:



Humboldtstrasse 102
22083 Hamburg